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Gideon is being punished and the end time of his punishment is coming up, although he is unaware of that. He meets Naomi at the monastery is quickly becomes fascinated with her. This starts his journey of dealing with his issues, before the time runs out. This was an enjoyable read Rage and Redemption is the first book in the Rebel Angels series, and tells the story of Gideon, an angel not quite Fallen but very close, and Naomi, an orphan staying in a monastery under the watchful eye of Gabriel.

This was an enjoyable read, with very clear descriptions, both of the places and the characters. There were no editing or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading flow. Naomi faces her own challenges during this book, so it isn't all about Gideon. A complete tale in and of itself, yet giving a good description and introduction to the other Rebel Angels.

Definitely recommended. May 16, JuEllen rated it it was amazing.

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Oh my God! I would give this author a 10 star rating, if possible.

WingsofRedemption gets stream sniped and loses it

Cyndi Friberg has twisted and emerged every emotion I have. Oh my God. Rebel Angels 1 I am a huge paranormal fan and I am always interested in new stories of Angels. In this first book of Rebel Angels series Cyndi Friberg gives the reader everything, some mystery, suspense, romance, hot steamy sex, and a dash of redemption as well. Which will he embrace for all time?

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As a rebel Gideon is sent to earth among the humans to learn his lessons and to make a choice. In his quest to to anno Rebel Angels 1 I am a huge paranormal fan and I am always interested in new stories of Angels. In his quest to to annoy a brother he finds himself questioning his beliefs regarding humans.

He also finds himself falling in love with Naomi, a human charge of his brother.

Rage to Redemption in the Sterilization Age

To save Naomi and himself will Gideon make the right choice? Will he choose the Light or the Dark? I really enjoy this version of good vs. In Rage and Redemption Gideon finds himself in the human world with free will and powers he that he needs to fight to keep control of. Gideon is a complex character that I slowly learned to love, and Naomi the only one to tame him. This book was a good read if you like hot love scenes and good verses evil. I did find myself skimming over many pages of the love scenes as they felt over done and elongated.

While the setting was historical it never bothered me whether the author was entirely true to history or not, as many fantasy novels can create their own laws and settings as long as they don't go out of bounds for the world of the characters. Who knows, I am pick up another novel by the author. I'm definitely intrigued by This book was a good read if you like hot love scenes and good verses evil. I'm definitely intrigued by the dark angel theory. I did a search for speculative fiction and this was one of the titles that appeared. It was a free buy on my kindle app and it was a good read. It's a romance between a dark angel and a young girl that shows a pure heart can really transform someone from darkness to light.

It is not for those who those who like to keep the bedroom door shut in their fiction reading, but it's a good read. I'm looking foward to reading the other two books in this series. Sep 16, tina barrington rated it it was amazing. Incredible I am an artist and use material objects to create my art.

Cyndi Friberg is an artist and uses words to create her art. I could picture the songs sung, the large wings as they protected the angels and smell the vile odor of the fallen demons. Will be interested in read her book about the female fallen angel. Loved this book.

Radical Redemption & Act of Rage - The One Man Army by Ion Koutsouris | Mixcloud

Angels, fallen angels and demons are a bit common as a subject but this story, set in medieval time, was original and I enjoyed readying it. Ever whack a willow?

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