The Strongest Little Girl in the World

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She's able to carry TEN of them, but adults can't even carry I really appreciate the love and support. If you like my Training arms with Stefi Cohen the worlds strongest girl pound for pound! She doesn't usually train arms but since we are in zoo Meet the 10 strongest children in the world.

You will not believe how much force these children can develop. They are small Hulk, During her most recent tour to Donbas — a region in eastern Ukraine gripped by a pro-Russian separatist uprising — which wrapped last week, Naumova held separate street competitions for local children and for the separatist fighters who hosted her at their base.

Want More Positive Stories Like This One?

The United States has accused Russia of supporting the rebel Ukrainian insurgency with supplies and troops — allegations Moscow denies. Naumova — who has been denounced by Ukrainian media as a terrorist sympathizer — tiptoes around the political side of the conflict.

She insisted to NBC News that the main goal of her visit to Donbas was to support the ordinary people there who are struggling in a wartime economy. Her recent trip wasn't the first time Naumova has visited countries which have fraught relations with the U. While the "princess of the barbell" admitted she has concerns over whether she'll be granted a visa to travel to the U.

Olympia competition in September, Naumova has not let potential political ramifications hamper her plans. Naumova plans to revisit eastern Ukraine later this month, accompanying a bunch of Russian rock groups going in for a charity concert. The teen's busy schedule — packed with competitions, her Communist party activities and looming school exams — leave Naumova little time for rest and none for a high school romance.

The story of Varya Akulova isn't so different, but surely just as extraordinary. Born into a family of circus performers, Varya is of Ukrainian origin. From a young age, her entourage was immediately able to spot her talents, since the young native of Kryvy Rih was able to lift a - literally - unbelievable amount of weight. However at that time, no one would have thought that she could be the strongest girl in the world - she effortlessly won this title at the staggering age of eight. Weighing in at only 19kg 3st , she was already able to lift an incredible kg - which was more than twice her bodyweight.

5 Strongest Kids in the World

It seems that impressive would be an understatement for a girl under 10 years old. At 12, her record had risen to kg. Varya's proud parents noticed her superior strength when she was only four years old, and it seemed she certainly wasn't shy of lifting even then.